Andy Fradelakis
CCIE #56533

I was troubleshooting a network last week and came across a situation where I wanted to use /31 subnets on Mikrotik routers. I added the address like usual with the /31 mask and it took the configuration however the CPE was having issues getting out to the internet still.

I’ve used /31’s plenty of times on Cisco devices and the Mikrotik did take the /31 mask so I was a bit confused. Turns out Mikrotik does not actually support /31 subnets properly. The workaround for this issue was to set the ip address on the Mikrotik side as a /32 and set the ip address of the CPE as the “network” address.

Then things worked “properly”. Until Mikrotik comes out with support for /31’s, this is the easiest solution.


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